Visit to Zgoda

On October 27, in the parish of St. Joseph in Świętochłowice on the Consensus, we had a meeting with the sisters: Natalia, Helena and Marychrista from the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate from Tanzania. The meeting took place in the native parish of B. S.M. Dulcissima as part of the Missions Prayer Week. First, we prayed the rosary together for the mission in Swahili and Polish, then we celebrated the Holy Eucharist, during which the sisters sang Tanzanian songs. After the mass, there was a meeting with the sisters in the church, where several dozen parishioners were present. The sisters talked about their vocation, including life in Africa, and gave testimony of their meeting with Sr. Dulcissima. Finally, we entrusted the congregation, the parish and the beatification process of sister Dulcissima to God through the intercession of Our Lady and St. Joseph.

As the limited time did not allow us to follow the traces of Sister Dulcissima’s life in Zgoda, we invited the sisters to come again and see the family home of Helen Hoffmann.

We also invite everyone who is close to the life and work of sister Dulcissima Hoffmann.

Fr. Bogusław Jonczyk