Good luck and many blessings

Yes, good luck and many blessings we have wished on January 26th
we wished our Sister Judith on her 90th birthday.
Sister Judith has been living here in Cochem for 62 years – first in the old hospital on the Klosterberg , then in the new hospital in the Avollonstraße and since a few years again here on the Klosterberg.
Cochem is a small town where the Sisters of Mary simply belong.
This is because many Cochem residents were born on the Klosterberg and thus had and still have very early contact with the Sisters of Mary.
Sister Judith was active in nursing education for 35 years. So Provincial Superior and Superior – not unknown. Yes, and when one is known – congratulations are also sent. The District Administrator sent his congratulations along with the Mayor of the Association, Mr. Lambertz (a dear friend of our convent) – because Mr. Lambertz did not miss the opportunity to come in person to congratulate Sister Judith, to tell her story and to have a cup of coffee.
The mayor of the city, Mr. Schmitz, also personally brought his congratulations and many other people of Cochem congratulated Sister Judith.
In a small circle, Father Andreas Pohl, a Sacred Heart priest from the Maria Martental Monastery, celebrated Holy Mass with us in thanksgiving for Sister Judith`s life.
It was a special joy for Sister Judith that our former managing director Mr. Mohr and his wife came to the service and then drank coffee together with us Sisters.

Good Agathe – who has been connected with the Sisters of Cochem for over fifty years and is still loyal to us as a pensioner – was also present and as always… she baked the best cake there is and brought it with her.

A day full of joy and gratitude has come to an end.

We wish
God’s blessing,
much courage and strength for her everyday life
and the certainty.
“The best is yet to come” !

Sr. Felicitas