Tuesday 13 September

Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop, Doctor
Gospel – Luke 7:11-17
Seeing the miracle, lot of people started admiring Jesus. Jesus became an object of admiration. Don’t think that it’s good news. When Jesus becomes an object of admiration nothing changes in our life or around us. Just admiration. Whereas if we want changes in our life, we must make Jesus not an object of our admiration, but we must make Jesus the reason of our life. How to make Jesus the reason of our life? We can do that by participating in the same compassion of Jesus. “When the Lord saw her, he felt compassion for her”. When we feel the same compassion before the sorrows of others, Jesus becomes the reason of our life. We have the same sentiments of Jesus. What is your relationship with Jesus? Is He the reason of your life or is He an object of your admiration?