Sunday 11 September

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 15:1-32
“Rejoice with me,”, This is repeated three times in this gospel passage. Rejoice because found the lost one sheep, rejoice because found the lost one coin, rejoice because found the lost one son. When that one is not there, we cannot rejoice. That one can be anyone but without that one, we cannot rejoice, and we are not complete. Each one of us is important. No one can be substituted. The gospel of today assures the mind of Jesus. He continues to search for that lost one until he or she is found. Jesus feels the pain of the lost. The question before us is that do you want to be an instrument of God in His search for the lost one? To participate in the joy of the Shepherd who finds the lost sheep, you have to identify yourself with His mind which searches continuously for the lost and missing. The more you are close to the heart of Jesus, the more you feel the pain of the lost and you start searching for the lost. Are you feeling the pain of the lost?