Wednesday of week 28 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 11:42-46
Jesus is rewriting the rules of the society, recreating the hierarchy of values. It is not any more your external observation of the norms that makes you part of the Kingdom of God which Jesus brought. It’s the justice which the love of God dictates. The justice which the love of God prompts is the justice of love. It is not about paying the tax of the small things, but it is about loving the poor and the marginalized. It is not occupying the seats of honor and being greeted with reverence. It is about taking care of each person without distinctions or discriminations. It is about being love inspired by the love of God. It is not about making the life of people hard by our structures and system but it’s about making the life of people simple and easy with our love. The question which the Gospel puts before us: am I being a love in whatever situation I find myself?